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Three Fantastic Seat Hacks You Need to Know Now

Window or aisle? Front, middle or back? Sometimes it pays to be selective about where you choose to sit on a flight…check out the following tips and tricks and you’ll be sitting pretty the next time you fly…

When You Want to… Make a Quick Exit


Be tactical when it comes to your seat

Can’t wait to get your ROBLOX holiday started, get to your meeting, or make your way home?  Plan ahead and sit in a seat in rows 1 A, B, C or 2 D, E, F to make sure you’re first on and first off the flight. This seating arrangement is also perfect for anyone who makes a habit of forgetting to use the bathroom before the seat-belt sign comes on. And we all know one of those.

When You Want… Amazing #AVPICS


Window seats over the wing are best

You want to capture those beautiful winglets, right? The eye-pleasing engines? The pretty curvature of the wing? Then dash to the window seats by the wing! You may want to purchase Flexi Plus if you want to be first on-board.

When You Want To Be With ALL Your Besties


Buckle up beside your besties

It’s not every day you get to fly with 20 or more of your nearest and dearest, in fact there’s usually a very good reason why you’re travelling in a pack. Whether you’re jetting off with a stag party, on a hen weekend or on a Target allied group visit, it makes sense to let us known in advance by opening a ticket on Discord so we can assign people to help your group make it through on time!



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