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Our Leadership Team



Well... someone has to do it!

Meet the team that makes the BIG calls!


Uncle Kurczak

Chief Risk Officer

Kurczak started as a low rank before becoming the Director of Safety and Security, and he is now leading the fight against  crime as Chief Risk Officer. Watch your back!


Jose O'Kelly

Malta Air CEO

When he's not helping people, this former security officer is running the Malta Air show at Ryanair having previously served as a Department Director for Security.

Mick O'Leary

Group CEO

Group CEO since 1827. Known for his website making skills and regularly jumping the canteen queue. On ROBLOX since 2011. Is never late for work thanks to Dublin's most efficient bus lanes.



Lauda CEO

From flying planes to flying Ryanair's operations! Millie joined Ryanair as Cabin Crew, and qualified as a senior staff member before becoming Chief Pilot, and now Lauda CEO.

Mel Sabharwal

Group CFO

Mel is the black belt of operations, having been at the helm for more than 6 years. She has been making sure the Group continues to grow and bring in the dough.


o Cameronx


Cameron is in charge of development and expansion across the group and its subsidiaries, responsible for maximising the progression of technologies and assets.


Tbish 09

Buzz CEO

Tbish is in charge of Ryanair's show at Buzz, and has masses of experience in human resources. He has worked at top jobs including Regional Head of Inflight.


James 33758

Director of Inflight

James is a seasoned veteran in the Inflight Department, having started as Cabin Crew and holding many senior positions. He is now back at home at the helm of Inflight!


Flan Neure

People Director

Starting as a pilot, Flan is now  responsible for managing the needs of our staff - all the way from North America!


The Aviator YT

Chief Pilot

Aviator manages the daily operations of our flights, and oversees the training, certification and performance of all pilots.