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Our Leadership Team



Well... someone has to do it!

Meet the team that makes the BIG calls!


Zak Sharkey

Lauda Europe CEO

Zak is has gone from fighting crime to being responsible for Lauda Europe's operations! Crunching the numbers and organising the fleet, he works to keep Lauda running to schedule!


Jose O'Kelly

Ryanair DAC CEO

When he's not helping people, this former security officer is running the Ryanair show having previously served as a Department Director for Security.

Mick O'Leary

Group CEO

Group CEO since 1827. Known for his website making skills and regularly jumping the canteen queue. On ROBLOX since 2011. Is never late for work thanks to Dublin's most efficient bus lanes.



Chief Risk Officer

Starting as a Risk Management Officer, Vex is now in charge of the airline's battle against threats and problems! You don't want to get on his bad side, or your business will be stung!

Mel Sabharwal

Group CFO

Mel is the black belt of operations, having been at the helm for more than 6 years. She has been making sure the Group continues to grow and bring in the dough.


Many Roblox2

Buzz CEO

Many is in charge of Buzz, responsible for its operations. Previously, Many was at the forefront of Ryanair's Commercial division, overseeing the release of Malta Airport.


Tbish 09

Malta Air CEO

Tbish is in charge of Ryanair's show at Malta Air, and has masses of experience in human resources. He has worked at top jobs including Regional Head of Inflight.


ii Faulty

Chief Technology Officer

Faulty is responsible for revolutionising travel for our passengers. He's climbed the ranks quickly, and it's now time to climb the scaffolding just as quick!


Altra RBX

People Director

Starting out as a humble Human Resources Officer, Altra now has gigs in development across Celestria and is now in charge of Human Resouces!



Chief Pilot

Oliver manages the daily operations of our flights, and oversees the training, certification and performance of all pilots.

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