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By choosing Ryanair, you're partnering with the best connected airline on ROBLOX.

7 banned groups

5 by 2025

18 allied groups

25 by 2025

50 million visits between allies

60 million by 2025

2.7 million members between allies

3 million by 2025

Making the difference

Here's some facts about our allies and our alliance strategy, including how powerful and wide-reaching our community is.

Invest in New Aircraft Technology

We reach over 2 million ROBLOXians with our allies

Removing exploiters, leakers and toxicity together

Increase revenue across our operations

Support positive change in the industry

Protect assets and integrity of our Groups

Our allies

Ryanair has many allies, from all walks of the business industry. From supermarkets to schools, and other airlines, we have a diverse portfolio of groups to choose from.

Find our allies below

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