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At the Airport: Dos and Don'ts

Need to know how far is too far? Don't want to get kicked or banned? Check out the following dos and don'ts so your next flight goes smoothly.

Do: Join Early


Get past security early and have time to relax and explore the airport

Ryanair is known for its notorious tight turnarounds. Join as soon as the server opens so that you have plenty of time to get to the gate, it can be quite the walk at times! If you are travelling with a group then you should definitely join immediately, so that you have time to explore the airport.

Don't: Dress like a Muppet


Breaking the rules may end up with you being banned

We all know someone who has gone to a flight dressed as our favourite fizzy drink. Don't be one of them! Chances are, security will stop you as these outfits are known to relate to trolling. Don't take chances when it comes to the rules. Ryanair is known to enforce them harshly! Read our terms and conditions (linked at the bottom of every page) so that you can study them. Trolling, including being rude to others, glitching, entering prohibited areas and more, can result in a ban from the flight. Advertising your own airline or another group without authorisation may lead to warnings and a ban. Stay safe!

Do: Dress to Impress


Get recognised as the savvy and respectful traveller you want to be

If you want to be appreciated by the staff, then dressing in an appropriate manner is crucial. Looking dapper will not only make you look smart and be the part, but you'll also be less likely to be stopped at security, as you are not dressed in trolling-associated clothing. You can even purchase some Ryanair merch to wear from the group store on ROBLOX!



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