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How to book a flight and fare type comparison


plane To buy extras, we recommend you self-serve on our site to save time and money!


All passengers are able to get our Value fare free of charge. This is the standard economy product. If you wish to get fare bundles which include perks such as priority boarding, continue reading.


Select Plan trip and press the Search button to start searching for the lowest fares. You will find 3 fare class options, all of which are compared and explained further below. Click on any of the buttons below the fares presented and you will be sent to the ROBLOX store in order to purchase them. You can alternatively go directly to the group store on the ROBLOX website to purchase these.


When you purchase a fare, you are not required to wear or display your ticket t-shirt unless a staff member asks in the event of a check-in system failure.


You do not need to book a flight. You simply need to arrive at the airport on time when a flight is operating! Continue reading to learn more about airport timeframes.

If you're not ready to complete your booking yet because you can't decide which fare to select, you can learn more about what each has to offer!

Fare Types

The Value Fare is our cheapest fare option, and is free of charge to all passengers flying with us. You can always travel for free with our base fare.
Includes: One small cabin bag

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