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Forms of Payment


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We do not accept real cash for flights. Flights in our base fare class, the Value Fare, are free for all users. Flights do not need to be booked either, so simply show up at the airport when it's time! For fantastic travel extras, upgrade to Plus, Family Plus or Flexi Plus. These are paid for using the ROBUX currency.

We are not able to give refunds, except in circumstances which apply as seen in our refund policy. 
Tickets can be re-used as many times as needed, and are a one-time purchase. This means that refunds are furthermore unavailable.

Tickets are valid until their expiration, which may occur when the names and details of packages need to be changed and have their t-shirts redesigned. When tickets are changed, which is exceptionally rare, we are unfortunately unable to offer refunds as it is made clear before purchasing that such refunds are unavailable and do not meet the minimum requirements outlined in our policy.

There is only one way to pay for extras:


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