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How to request Special Assistance and available types 


hands-helping Requesting Special Assistance

We recommend that you request these services in a Discord ticket up to 24 hours prior to scheduled flight departure.

If you do not provide 24 hour's notice, the requested assistance may not be available and your travel plans may be disrupted.

What types of airport special assistance are available?

Special Assistance Queries

Need more help? Want to request these services? Speak directly to a support agent on Discord or Twitter.

Message us on X:

Open a support ticket on Discord: Ryanair Communications Server

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There are a number of different types of special assistance available which can be booked in advance by reaching out to our support team. You must have a disability to be able to request these services. 

In order to provide these services, passengers must present themselves at the airport check-in desk before the closure of bag drop.

Please see a summary below which should assist you in choosing the correct level of assistance:


Passenger with intellectual disability requiring extra crew attention and some supervision


Passenger with severe impairments requiring staff assistance throughout the airport

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