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Avoiding a ban


info Steps you can take to avoid bans

Users who breach our terms and conditions may be banned as a consequence.
Follow our 10 simple steps to avoid being banned.

Follow the following steps and practice common sense and you will be sure to avoid a ban:

  • Check you are not in any banned groups

  • Do not join using alt accounts

  • Avoid troll outfits and do not troll

  • Do not use exploits at any game, including Ryanair Group games

  • Do not use excessive capitals or bypass chat filters

  • Do not advertise other groups, including airlines

  • Be polite to other passengers and the crew

  • Do not enter unauthorised areas or staff-only areas

  • Do not cause drama or argue with others

  • Do not annoy or harass other passengers

  • Check that you follow all non-malicious instructions from the crew

  • Be courteous to your fellow passengers and follow queues and signs

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