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Prohibited Items


ban  Prohibited Items onboard a Ryanair flight

  • Items gained by exploiting or glitching, such as guns or staff headsets

  • Staff clothing, such as Cabin Crew shirts and skirts, or staff lanyards - wearing these items will cause you to be stopped at security

  • Clothes which bypass clothing and chat filters when worn together, e.g. a collection of shirt, t-shirt and pants which produce a swear word

  • Clothing which is sexual or inappropriate for young users

  • Content containing nudity, such as being shirtless with inappropriate t-shirts on top, e.g. cleavage - being shirtless is also forbidden

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We will do our best to ensure that passengers are able to freely express themselves. There are no other restrictions on clothing and appearance. 

Did you know? You can use the black buttons on the side of your screen when in-game to disable large clothing accessories that other users are wearing. This can help you if you need to take photos or want a more realistic experience.



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