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Refunds, Delays & Cancellations


Am I eligible for a refund?

Review our terms and conditions to learn more about receiving a refund. 
Refunds can only be initiated by the Ryanair Group, and passengers cannot demand or request them.
When purchasing a ticket, it is made clear that refunds are not available.

Cancellations and delays may be frustrating and we do our best to avoid them. However, as travel extras can be used more than once, customers are not eligible for refunds in such circumstances. 

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We do not routinely give refunds as tickets can be used for more than one flight. Refunds are given at the discretion of the Ryanair Group. Instances where we would provide a refund are outlined below:


The user was treated in a rude/offensive manner and the staff member(s) responsible was/were not punished for their actions


The user's reputation was falsely put into disrepute and has caused irreparable damage, either through false claims or the sharing of false claims


The user has been banned unjustly (being in a banned group is not applicable) for over 6 months whilst being in possession of purchased travel extras and has been unable to use these extras as a result

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