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Copyright Information

Ryanair ROBLOX is a non-profit group which intends no infringement to the trademarks of Ryanair. 
We do not accept real cash and exist for the purpose of online gaming and enjoyment, as with other flight simulator games on ROBLOX and beyond, such as flight simulator games. We are passionate about Ryanair and working on components including this website have helped to develop the skills of our staff and passengers for future use in the industry. 

We would comply with any copyright requests or simple complaints but have not received any to date. We are therefore in a position to keep operating, developing and expanding. The experience and knowledge gained by some staff, including in website development, may even be a bonus for future prospective careers within Ryanair. These are profoundly vast achievements, including website development, coding with Java, airline management and operation, creating SOPs, implementing trainings and more. 

We hope that our consistent love and advertisement of Ryanair, if seen, will be welcomed! As we are a virtual airline, we pose no threat or harm.

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