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​Ryanair Opens Kraków Base, sees record 257 PAX

Record 257 passengers for the opening of Kraków Airport base, boosting investment in Poland - Ryanair, Roblox's No.1 airline, today (18th Jul), announced a record 257 passengers at the opening of its new base at Kraków Airport. The new airport is a realistic scale replica, providing unique dining  ... more

18 JUL 2022


Ryanair Releases Annual Report for FY22

Ryanair releases its Annual Report for FY22, showing record revenue and growth, supported by new investments in Hargrave School and M&S. Member growth for the year 2022 exceeded expectations and passed 60,000 members in September, 3 months early, demonstrating a strong market outlook. Denial of Service attacks prove challenging for the company and may cause inevitable minor disruption for the near future ... more

10 NOV 2022


Ryanair Announces Leeds Bradford Release

Three new based aircraft with 2 new routes - Ryanair, Roblox's No.1 airline, today (19th Feb), announced its exciting 2022 schedule from Leeds Bradford with three new based aircraft for the year. Ryanair's Leeds Bradford based fleet will support many new jobs and help to grow passenger numbers ... more

19 FEB 2022


Ryanair Launches First 737 MAX Flight at Bristol

Order complete for new 737-8200 - Ryanair, Roblox's No.1 airline, today (18th Feb), released its new gamechanger aircraft at Bristol Airport. The new aircraft will allow Ryanair to carry 99 passengers, 21 more than the 737-800 NG, allowing for further growth in passengers  ... more

18 FEB 2022


Ryanair Terminates SPA Alliance

Ryanair Ends Alliance with South Pacific Airways over drama - Ryanair, Roblox's No.1 airline, today (25th Mar), announced the end of its alliance with South Pacific Airways following an internal investigation. Ryanair is to immediately cease its alliance status with the airline, but intends to maintain a neutral  ... more

25 FEB 2022

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