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Effective date: 2 Jul 2021

General terms and conditions of carriage

Terms & conditions


In-game rules

1. General

The rules to be followed when in-game are seen on the top left of your screen as you join. By playing the game and clicking accept, you agree to follow those rules or face sanctions such as a kick or ban, including from the Discord server and other social medias.



2. Terms and conditions

Passengers attending flights should act in an appropriate manner. This includes when at and travelling to the airport, on-board and after the flight lands. Failure to follow staff instructions can result in a kick or ban.

Forbidden actions - the following is not allowed

  • Exploiting, including attempting to exploit

  • Using excessive caps, continuously, or refusing to stop

  • Crowding, refusing to move from an area, blocking a queue, or refusing to move

  • Bypassing the chat, attempting to use foul language including swear words

  • Stalking other users, following them, harassing them or pestering them

  • Impersonating other users, including wearing stolen assets/clothing

  • To dress with intention to troll, including wearing 'vending machines', 'chocolate bars' and body parts such as heads and torsos which are extremely juxtaposing.

  • To advertise, including in whisper, another game or organisation; however, advertising a social media account which is doing something Ryanair-related, such as a flight review, is permitted

  • Arguing with staff or other passengers, or being rude, including being racist

  • Glitching/trespassing, including attempting to glitch and enter staff-only areas

  • Driving any vehicles, including theft of ground vehicles or aircraft, or entering the cockpit

  • Giving your ticket to someone else without authorisation from Ryanair

These are only blanket rules. Further rules may be in place at specific airports. Please listen to staff instructions.

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