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Effective date: 2 Jul 2021

General terms and conditions of carriage

Terms & conditions


Group rules

1. Sanctions

Groups which breach the principles of conduct are eligible for varying punishments, including blanket bans, staff blacklists, removal of Ryanair group staff from the organisation, detailed revelation to the public (documents, public information & warning and social media alerts through Discord, Twitter, YouTube and on ROBLOX), revocation of assets if owned and other responses.


2. Principles of conduct

Groups, both allies and non-allies, and as a general moral ground throughout ROBLOX, should follow a set of expectations in order to avoid 'sanctions'.

Forbidden actions - the following is not allowed

  • Allowing members to exploit without consequence

  • 'Spying' or 'chat leaking' - sending users or taking information from users for your own gain, or revealing private chats without authorisation, or collecting information from staff-only areas

  • Allowing members to troll without consequence, including being rude, unreasonable, dressing or acting inappropriately, or purposely causing drama either in-game or on Discord

  • Allowing members to harass users in the group without consequence

  • Allowing members to use assets which are stolen, including models, airports, buildings, assets and clothing belonging to the Ryanair group and particular members of staff

  • Allowing members to mock (with intent to cause drama) or act in a toxic manner, including creating false propaganda, servers and/or blasphemy which revolves around hate for the Ryanair group

  • Allow the coordination of raids, either in-game or on Discord

  • Allow members to jeopardise the safety and security of staff or passengers and/or the airline, including hacking, IP grabbing, phishing, stalking, doxxing, social engineering and other malicious activities

  • Use assets which belong to the Ryanair group, including clothing, airports, furnishings, aircraft, textures and scripts, unless permission has been given in writing or such assets can be proved to be a Free Model or for retail prior to implementation into the asset collection of the Ryanair group

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