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Effective date: 2 Jul 2021

General terms and conditions of carriage

Terms & conditions



1. Non-refundability

Except where clauses 2 and 3 of these terms apply, all amounts you pay for flights operated by us (including optional services) are non-refundable.



2. Refunds for mistreated passengers

While we have not been required to invoke this clause at present, should a customer be treated in a manner which is wholly unacceptable without staff reprimands, if an investigation finds that the requirements are met for a refund due to mistreatment, then one may be given. The cases in which this may occur are outlined in clause 3. These conditions do not apply to ROBLOX groups.

If these conditions are met, the airline would:

  • Pay a claim for a refund of all amounts paid for everyone travelling on the same booking reference, or if appropriate;

  • Compensate the passenger (between 50 to 1000 ROBUX)

3. Conditions for refunds

  • The user was treated in a way which was rude or unjust, such as receiving abuse, and the member of staff responsible was not disciplined

  • The user's reputation was falsely put into disrepute, including through misleading or false claims, causing irreparable damage

  • The user was mistakenly banned for a long period of time (at least 6 months) from both the Discord server and ROBLOX operations, meaning they could not use their Plus, Family Plus or Flexi Plus ticket. If the user was not banned from the Discord, made no attempts to enquire about their false ban AND made no attempts to appeal from our Help Centre, the refund condition will not be met

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