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Welcome to the Digital Information Hub

Our new temporary Digital Information Hub makes it easy for you to conveniently get the latest updates on recruitment events, flights, and other events whenever ROBLOX is unavailable.

Travel Updates

Get the latest travel updates.



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Help Centre

FAQs and "how to" videos on policies and more.



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Recruitment Updates

Recruitment Day

Recruitment Day is currently operating as normal, providing ROBLOX will be online and working. If ROBLOX is not online at this time, the Recruitment Day will be postponed to a new date.

Please do not open any non-urgent tickets for questions about when the event will take place, as our support team are currently processing other requests. If you won't be able to attend any of the revised dates, we unfortunately cannot move your date.

Flight Information


Latest Outage Updates

ROBLOX is now back online for all regions. Flights are operating as normal as of 1st November 2021.

Did you know? Just before the outage, we received delivery of our new Lauda Europe A320 aircraft! Learn more on our Twitter pages.

Corporate Information

Latest Outage Updates


How the outage affects Ryanair

The ROBLOX outage significantly impacts Ryanair, as we are unable to operate flights and earn revenue. We are also not able to gain new players, verify new customers in our Discord server or manage ban appeals. This means a limited support service capability.

Visit Ryanair's Corporate Website to learn more about our customer initiatives and stay on top of the latest corporate news.

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