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3 Things You Should Do to Relax Before Your Flight

Pamper yourself before the flight, so that you are completely relaxed...

Go to a coffee shop


Costa is a staple at most airports

Get in the server early, walk over slowly to Costa with your friend, order a regular and take a seat. Chat away with your friend at a peaceful table, while gazing over at the rest of the airport and listening to your Spotify tunes. That's relaxing.

Go for a walk


Nothing beats walking

Walk slowly around the airport if you have some spare time. You can enjoy a nice stroll past the beautiful airport architecture.

Visit the lounge


Sit, snooze and dine in a lounge

Our comfy lounges will allow you to relax and dine before your flight. Sit and watch the airport from the comfort of our lounges, while indulging in your favourite food and drink. You will need to buy a travel extra for this.



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