Your Favourite Airports

The top 3 Ryanair ROBLOX airports, as voted by you!

3. Bristol


Did you know? Bristol is currently Ryanair's longest serving airport

Bristol has many great features. It was one of the airports that inspired spawn-to-airport bus travel, with many airlines jumping up on the idea.

2. Alicante


Beautiful bright light engulfs the terminal

Fresh, mesh, modern and refreshed- what's not to like? Those with poor GPUs may struggle on this one, but the lighting sure is smashing!

1. Dublin


Big, bold and blissful; it's nice to have a fresh airport

After weeks of pressure from Suzanne, Dublin Airport opens; providing a spacious and luxurious lounge, as well as many duty free stores, dining experiences and a realistic airfield. Full features include a large check-in area, upgraded staff room, escalators, moving walkways, shops, restaurants, multiple bathrooms across multiple floors!



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