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Banned groups


What is a banned group?

Before flying, it is important to check that you are not in any banned groups which may prevent you from joining the game.

A banned group is a group which has broken one or more of the terms and conditions relating to groups laid out by the Ryanair Group. You can find the full list of banned groups below.

People who are in banned groups won't be able to join Ryanair Group games - they will see a ban message when they attempt to join. 

To resolve this, simply leave the banned group and you will be unbanned. Please note that there is no need to open a ticket or contact us about unbanning you after you have left a banned group, as you will be unbanned automatically by the system and will be able to join games once all banned groups have been left. 

If you still can't join after you have left all banned groups, you may be banned. Continue reading to learn how to appeal a ban.

List of banned groups

These groups are banned and prevent you from joining Ryanair Group games. Leave them to be instantly unbanned automatically. Some groups, such as trolling or exploiting-orientated groups, may not feature on this list on a security basis. Groups are banned when they violate our terms and conditions for groups.

Banned group list

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