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Effective date: 2 Jul 2021

General terms and conditions of carriage

Terms & conditions


Refusal of carriage

1. General

Passengers may be refused flying if they breach the in-game rules. We also reserve the right to deny a user's flight without providing a reason or explanation. This means that users may rarely be offloaded without a direct explanation, such as for reasons of security or gathered intelligence, resulting in a kick or ban. The use of kicks, bans and other sanctions are in compliance with ROBLOX terms of service.



2. Appeal process

Passengers who are denied boarding or are removed from the flight may only be removed from one particular flight, and then allowed to board future flights. This may be due to isolated incidents, such as minor breaches of the in-game rules. 

If a user is banned from the game or Discord, they should not attempt to ask someone to appeal on their behalf, as it will be declined. The only legitimate way to appeal is via our Help Centre. Users who seek to appeal on behalf of others may themselves be sanctioned as this breaches the terms and conditions.

We periodically review bans of both individuals and groups, and occasionally downgrade or remove bans as they have progressed to comply with more of our regulations, or have degraded in toxicity.

Users may also be refused travel due to being associated with a certain group which is violating our group rules. While blanket group bans are automatic, and leaving such groups would automatically unban you, individuals may attempt to enter flights on alternative accounts. Alternative accounts are not permitted.

3. Forbidden actions

  • Attempting to appeal a ban on behalf of another passenger

  • Accessing a flight on an alternative account, unless your main account has broken or been hacked into

  • Breaching the in-game rules

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